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I was watching a conversation unfold in one of the FB groups I like to hang in and the conversation wandered, dangerously, into the weight loss field.

Opinions were being tossed around like dog-cookies until one little gem said:

“There are many women out there who would just look great if they lost a few pounds”…

Well gee sir <<< aren’t you a modern day Romeo?

Now look, I know we have all looked in the mirror, grabbed a lump of lard from our thighs and cursed our reflection. I know we all look back to our “skinny days” and beg and plead to the weight loss Gods to send us back in time.

I know we have all secretly thought to ourselves that if we just lost a few pounds, we would look so much better…HELL, you might have even thought that your ENTIRE life would be better.

But hear me now.

Being healthy is never, ever, ever, everrrrrr about the goal. It’s not about getting to your lowest weight. It’s not about reaching that one dress size that has been evading you since high school. It’s not about reaching the destination.

Being healthy, being strong, eating clean, enjoying good food is a process that can take years. It's a life time project. It should be a path your walk…forever.

The sad thing however, is that most of us don’t even realize when we hit our most “stunning”. Some of us keep chasing that “last 10 pounds carrot” forever. Berating ourselves for not being tiny enough to meet our own insanely high beauty standard.

I think the mindset shouldn’t be one of “oh if I lost a few pounds I'd be pretty”, I think we should be reminding ourselves that while we may not actively think we are a Victoria Secret Model…

…we are probably more gorgeous than we give ourselves credit for. We just sometimes forget that fact because we are too busy chasing our pre-baby waist-line.

And look, my motto is always: Strong is Sexy. Strong in body and strong in mind. Strong internally and strong externally.

And so because we shouldn’t worry about if we will ever slide into a size 2 skinny jean again, let’s all focus on getting stronger first. Let’s think about creating some arm definition. Let’s think about creating that round butt and lets all worry about being tight and firm – no matter your weight today, tomorrow and in the future.

If you agree and you are sick and tired of chasing your tail, then can I persuade you to refocus your energies and come join us at 10,000 Strong? (Hey, there’s that word again).

The fact is, we are NOT a gym full of size 2 runway models. We are all shapes and sizes. We are all widths and heights. Some of us are tiny and some of us, like me, have been described as “She-hulks”.

But, we are all strong and dam proud of it.

We are only closed 3 days over the holiday season, so grab your 2 week test drive now:

Does any of what I said make sense? Hit me up if not.

Misty RHN

10,000 Strong

1645 Dundas Street E
Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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