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She poked holes in my integrity. So I did this.

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Do you know what a nutritionist costs these days?

Well, in Durham Region it can range anywhere from $60 -$120 per visit.

I actually went to one last year…and I was so,so, SO disappointed.

I won’t name names as that’s unprofessional BUT…

…it was $120 per half hour.

I was SURE this was going to help my hormonal woes and finally rid myself of my stress weight-gain…

…but the first $120 was merely a meet and greet and a push to buy a supplement.

The second $120 was a chance to tell me to relax and take a bath to help with stress..

…the third $120…

UM, there was no third. I ain’t stooopid.

So, anyway, I spent $240 on nothing.

It was a waste of time and money and I felt ripped off. I also started to get angry.


Because it’s this type of service which damages MY integrity.

I work really hard to help our region have affordable holistic weight loss and health plans.

I have spent 10 years battling weight loss conglomerates from stealing my business and I fight every day to ensure people like Life Time Athletic don’t just dazzle us with diamond while slipping us dogshit for dinner.

And so, forgive if you feel like I assault your inbox…but believe me, it’s done with good intentions.

I am here to ensure that everyone that crosses my path knows that THIS NUTRITIONIST cares, has worked hard to bring you awesome and sustainable meal plans AND…

….doesn’t require your first born as payment.

And so it is with our Summer meal plan: Calories and Crunches.

For $37 dollars you are getting 6 weeks of nutritionist developed meal plans that will not only keep you on track but will:

– Make sure you never need to plan another meal or snack again during the dog days of Summer

– Cure cravings and sugar addiction in under 7 days

– Will reduce bloated tummy’s and hormonal craziness that your sweet tooth creates.

– Help you enjoy a nutrient-dense meal plan while burning fat off the body.

– Make your Summer the healthiest and leanest one…possibly ever.

I could go on…

But i’ll simply offer up the payment links here:

If you are a woman, click here:

If you are man, click here:

Cor blimey…that got me all riled up.

Talk soon
Misty RHN
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