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She Stood Out Like A Wet Fart In Church

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A new member came in today…she wanted a 2 week test drive.

BUT…while she wanted to try us out she was terrified to start.

She was caught between wanting to change, but being scared to come to camp.

She thought that she was was too big, to slow and to out of shape to workout…

TOO OUT OF SHAPE TO WORKOUT? <<< Oxymoron? She was scared she was going to be left in the dust, not knowing what to do in each workout. She was scared she was going to stand out like a loud fart in an elevator……. And this is a very real fear for many people. In fact, when I was obese I had a terrible experience in a gym where the trainer made me do squats in front of the entire weight section (where the men are! Gasp!). I felt sooo uncomfortable and out of place that I never went back. I felt like: “here I am, struggling to do even one squat, when there are about 15 ripped guys behind me squatting 185lbs each!”. It was mortifying and I had never felt more persecuted than I did at that very moment. Back to the story v v v BUT ANYWAY…I told this lady that there was NO need to worry. Whitby Fit Body Boot Camp is an INCLUSIVE, not EXCLUSIVE. This means there are all levels, modified exercises and of course a chance to catch a breath and grab a drink. We won’t stand over you yelling for “10 more reps”. Making people vomit is bad for business….and my brand new floors. We make sure everyone is included in the workouts and vow to never leave anyone unattended. Our small, personal training style, class sizes mean the trainers are very one on one. Anyway, if you have a F.EA.R about starting boot camp… FEAR not. Fear actually means: False Evidence Appearing Real And until you have really seen how we do things, you will never know what you are missing out on. Go here >to see where the REAL workouts happen!

Misty “FEAR SQUASHER” Mozejko

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