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Silencing the Voice.

In: fitness

I get that I am loud.

I know I can be a bit “bertie big balls”.

I know I can be brassy.

But underneath all the showing off, there is a voice, a peanut gallery, that talks to me.

It says horrible things to be about my weight, my strength.

It tells me I am a fraud.

It tells me not to start another business because i’ll be broke and stressed.

Do you have this voice?

Most people do…and it’s such a downer.

Imagine what we could get accomplished in life if we did’n’t have anything to tell us NO.

Anyway, over the years and despite periodic nagging doubts, I have become very successful.

I have found a way to get around inner-haters….want to know how?

Well I decided that trying to silence the voices was a waste of time.

Trying to tell the voices to stop, or trying to turn what they were saying into a positive was also very hard.

And so, instead….I decided to listen.

I listen to all those doubts and fears…sometimes I even acknowledge them.

But then, after hearing every single one of my peanut gallery out…

I do it anyway.

The trick is to face your fears…then do it anyway.

Many people are scared of boot camp…they think it would be too intense.

They are scared they won’t know what to do, or will hold the class up because they aren’t as strong.

All these fears…and they haven’t even tried a class yet!

Our boot camp isn’t like that…

Don’t forget I used to be over 300 pounds….do you think I would ever build something that would make an unfit/overweight person feel BAD about their abilities?


Don’t give up before you even start…and this goes for everything in life….not just joining boot camp.

Listen to your fears….and then DO IT ANYWAY.

Misty “wish the voice in my head was Oprah” Mozejko

PS: If you fear is long term commitment to a program, then try our Summer Bogo.

8 weeks….and 4 weeks are free 🙂

See you there!

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