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silently mouthing “what the f..k”

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Do you stare at yourself in the mirror, silently mouthing "what the fuck", as your life spins out of control?
Isn’t it funny how everyone looks at you and thinks that you have your shit together?

They look at your life and think "WOW, she’s really strong, fit, healthy, powerful, kind and successful".

They admire your super-mom powers and they envy your marriage.

They respect your career success and they live vicariously through your antics.

They wish they had just one ounce of your motivation and they long for your self confidence.

And it’s so funny because you, me, we are all staring at ourselves in the mirror silently mouthing "what the fuck" as our lives seemingly spin chaotically around our heads.

The truth is that the entire world looks at you as someone who has their shit together …

…. while you sit there wondering how things got so messed up.

It’s quite a strange place really. On one hand you want to prove your friends and family right. Prove that you are the strong independent person they have come to believe you are…

…and the on the other hand you want to wallow in the chaos that is your life. Your crazy work schedule, your kids latest growing pain, your husbands lack of desire for you and your creeping weight gain that you are, for the time being, hiding in your winter sweater.

So what do we do?

How do we solve the dilemma?

Do we win or do we wallow?

We win, of course.

You get up off the couch and you simply become the person everyone thinks you are.

If everyone believes you are super mom but silently it’s all slipping out of hand…then get up, crock pot up some shit, dig out your Mom calendar and write out that chore list.

If everyone believes you are a strong, independent warrior who care little for the opinions of cold callous co-workers but you quietly live with the dread of going to work…then slap on a suit, smile and smoking red lipstick and tomorrow, take those fuckers down.


…if everyone believes you to the health conscious, work out loving, lean and mean ball of energy but you are slowly losing faith and motivation for your current program…then force yourself into something new. Something proven. Something fun.

You are in control and all it takes is your own gumption to get it done.

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Until tomorrow  

Misty RHN
Founder of 10,000 Strong

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