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Sitting on the dock of the bay….

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Well actually I’m sitting by the side of the pool…

My son is doing cannon balls with a new found friend and I am taking 2 days “off” up north with my BF by the lake.

I haven’t juiced in 2 days now.

My stomach is bloated.

I’m retaining water.

I don’t feel balanced.

And this is what the general population feel like most of the time.

So many women come in telling me they look like they are pregnant. Stomachs so distended with bloating that they look like they are “with child”.

Why is this?

Why, when 7pm rolls around, do we start to feel bigger than a house end?

Usually because the sheer amount of sugar, bad carbs and toxins we have ingested have pissed off our guts so bad, that they have to draw all the water to them to help combat the sheer amount of inflammation.

As the inflammation rises and the body tries to fight it off, your stomach sticks out as the war rages on.

Juicing, in my humble opinion, is the king of de-bloating.

The massive amount of nutrients heals the gut quickly and effectively. Once the gut is healed, the bloating is reduced.

And so, by basic analysis, I can quite confidently say that my gut is not healed from a year of stress. Because, if after just 24 hours of no juicing my stomach is feeling icky, then obviously I still need to continue this program.

And so what if you have never juiced?

What if you have never tried to debloat?

What if your summer was a carb induced heaven?

Well, you should try this:

We start on the 14th.

You will be quite shocked at the changes in your body.

So shocked, you won’t ever want to stop.

Talk soon

Misty “back to the juice” Mozejko

PS: If you stretched out your gut it would cover a basket ball court. If your piss it off, your whole body will suffer.

If you heal it, your whole body will benefit.

So stop abusing it and start respecting it:

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