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Skelly-Shelly’s wore a size 00

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So, as per usual, the world has swung from one pendulous extreme to another and this time the weight loss world is in the spot light.

Let me rewind a little….

When I was a kid, being very, very skinny was the trend. In England, they actually developed a size 00 so that the skelly-shelly’s had something to slide over their emaciated bodies.

The thing is, I was always a BIG girl. I was a foot taller than all of the kids in my class. I had hips and ass while everyone walked around on toothpicks. I had an encompassing personality and a loud laugh.

Everything about me was larger than life (still is)…

And so growing up was kinda painful. I never fit in. I was always the “big girl with the pretty face” while all my friends could put Kate Moss to shame.

But now, as I troll-scroll through Instagram, I am beginning to see a new trend. A trend whereby larger women are becoming loud and proud about their curves. Are standing up to the previous societal norms. Women baring their souls and their guts to the cameras and saying a big ole FU to their haters.

And, half of me appreciates this confidence. Half of me salutes these women for being standing tall.

But, i’m sorry, the nutritionist half of me really just wants them to be healthy. Curves or no curves. Stomach or no stomach. Bikini or no bikini.

It’s not about being skinny or about being fat. It’s about being healthy.

Look at me, i’m no fitness model. Being obese and having a kid took care of that. I have an amazing ass and thighs that can crack walnuts and you’ll never see me in a bikini….

..but guess what.

I’m healthy. I’m energetic. I work out most days of the week. I drink things like protein shakes and green juice and I love it. 

Womens bodies will always be scrutinized. We will always be too skinny, too fat, too muscly or too weak…from now until forever, we will never win that fight so lets just focus on being consistently healthy.

Consistency is why my studio offers over 45 boot camp classes a week starting from 5:30am until 8pm at night.

Consistency is why every month you meet with your own Weight Management Specialist.

Consistency is why we have our private support systems, our all-inclusive fat loss challenges and of course a state of the art studio open 7 days a week…

So yeh.

Let’s focus on the things we can control like working out and eating well and less about weight-trends shall we?

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