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“Skinny Salvation” is NOT a 30 day project

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I just got off Skype with a journalist from the UK. Her new magazine is flying off the shelves and well, I figured I should be in it.

I shot her a message last Friday and told her she should interview me because I have an awesome story…and guess what >> she agreed. LOL.

My forthright, cheeky attitude means I don’t wait for people to contact me, I simply go up and ask..anyway…

This morning was the interview and it was GREAT.

I mean yeh, i’ll be featured in an industry-leading magazine and all but what was even more GREAT about it was that it made me reconnect with why 10,000 Strong came to life.

10,000 Strong was born because I was sick to death of hearing about quick fix programs.

We sadly live in an age where we get “6 pack abs in just 6 days” shoved down our throats. We are told that beauty lies in perfection and urged to slim down and tone up.

Every day the radio, the TV and Facebook promises us a new way to lose weight, a new gimmick and every day we hear that it *should* only take a few weeks to get you to your goals.

Well guess what.

It’s all bull shit.

And, as CEO of 10,000 Strong, we are 100% opposed to anyone and anything that promises women “skinny salvation” in just a month.

You see, your body has been created over YEARS. You have formed indestructible emotional connections to food, to exercise and you have a very staunch opinion of your body.

From just a small child, you have been creating habits that have either helped or hindered your health. Day in and day out you have practiced these habits and so, they have become ingrained.

And trust me, undoing a life time of mental connections DOES NOT take 30 days.

It takes months and years.

If you truly want to uncover the UNDERLYING reasons to your weight gain, your lethargy. your motivation issues….then give yourself time.

You’ll need it.

Our average program at 10,000 Strong is 12 months and our most popular program is 18 months. In fact, we don’t even take anyone on for 4 weeks. That’s not my bag.

This is a life style thing, a life changing lifestyle thing 🙂

So, if you are finally sick and tired of the weight loss merry-go-round…maybe it’s time for something new.

Something drastic,

A BIG commitment..

You can start with a 2 week test drive to make sure it’s going to work out for the long run. Just go here and click the green BUY BUTTON:

Looking forward to seeing you soon


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