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Snow? Schmo. Home workout inside (and class closures)

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Snow storm, schmo-storm.

Ok, well, maybe there might be some substance to the snow storm warnings we have had over the past day or 2.

Which means a couple of things….a) we might have some class cancellations and b) you have one more excuse not to workout.

And not one of us needs another excuse to avoid working out…..

I mean, life is full of excuses already: it’s cold, it’s too expensive, it’s too far, i’m too old….and now….it’s too snowy 🙂

So 2 things, I have a little home workout you can do so if we do have to close up shop for a few hours, YOU don’t miss a workout AND I have a meal plan here you can do from the comfort of your own don’t even have to come in to boot camp to make this meal plan work for you 😉

Ok, so first things first! Members, please check the Facebook Group for cancellations or call the studio before you leave the house to check the outgoing messages…if we are closed, try this workout:

Snowmageddon Circuit:

Warm up: 5 times up and down your stairs.
Start in your Bathroom:

3 x 15 Tricep dips off your Bathtub
3 x 15 decline push ups off your Bathtub (or feet on the floor).

^ do these back to back for 3 sets

Stairs, 5 times, double steps.

Go to your bed room:

right leg stays on the bed as you push off the ground with the left and drive upwards. (think of step ups, but the right leg stays on the bed)

20 on the right leg
20 on the left leg

^ do that 3 times on each leg

Stairs, 5 times, single steps

Go to the living room

1 minute plank
1 minute bicycles

^do that 3 times back to back.

Annnnnnnnnd stretch.

OK, now, if you could combine your workouts with an intensely delicious and nutritional meal plan that was focussed on fat loss….we could kick start your weight loss journey as early as today. Obviously I want you to come to boot camp so our trainers can keep you on track and you are surrounded by motivational members who will make you laugh while you lunge…but that is not always possible right?

BUT, you still have to do something. You can’t just sit around and ignore the fact that your health is deteriorating…

So I have this juicing and fat loss food plan for you. The juices are designed to flatten your stomach and heal your body while the meal plan is focused on fat loss. For anyone who is suffering from fatigue, adrenal fatigue, mass bloating through the tummy and feel completely lost when it come to what to eat and when..this plan is for you 🙂

It’s all laid out for you, it’s all listed and sectioned in a logical order. You even have grocery lists prepped so you can just follow along and eat what you are told. It’s only 19 days and so it’s a nice short plan that you can continue after if you like, or leave on the back burner until you need it again.

Your choice.

Above all this meal plan will:

– Finally show you what you need to heal your bloated stomach and reduce diet crushing carb cravings.
– Show you exactly what you need to eat and drink and at what time. No more guessing or following Google “advice” that only ends up confusing you further.
– Give you complete confidence in the results you will obtain as this plan was designed by a real life nutritionists. Not some fake-o instagram model turned “Wellness Ex-spurt”
– Give you back the control you need in order to lose weight, regain a whack load of energy and finally fit back into all those old clothes.

Ok, here is the link that has a little more information and the payment link…check it out:

You’ll feel ready for spring in just 19 days – snow be dammed!

Talk soon

Misty RHN

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