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So long cheap-o memberships. Last reminder.

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Hello and goodnight….

I’m off to bed.

I have a busy day tomorrow coaching all my copywriting clients so I am going to make this last reminder short and sweet.

The Black Friday Sale is closing in 30 minutes.

You are literally out of time.

Lots of people have jumped on this 6 month membership sale and well, if you have just been sitting there, reading these emails and then thinking “there’s no way I can afford $1000 right now” then you are making a mistake because in January this membership will be even more expensive and you’ll be pissed you didn’t grab this deal.

Plus, if you don’t start working out, you probably have a few more pounds on your body by then (the average weight gain is 7-10 pounds in the holidays) which is going to make this whole process longer and harder.

So here’s the deal:

Grab a credit card that has some room on it. Tell your family you DO NOT want a Christmas present this year as you are buying this sale membership instead (even better, get them to donate to the cause)…

…and then..purchase the sale membership in the link below and make this Christmas present the best present you have ever given yourself…and your family.

This Christmas is for you. Stop worrying about everyone else for a minute and re-prioritize your needs.

Here is the last link i’ll ever send on this matter:

Act fast.

Misty RHN

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