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SO WHAT if you are a New Year, New You Resolutioner?

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Ahhhh….it’s the most, wonderful time, of the yearrrrrrr…

Well, at least for everyone in the fitness industry…we are flooded.

We are bombarded with people who are hell bent on getting fit and healthy for 2016.

And you know what….good on ’em.

There are FAR TOO MANY PEOPLE who poke fun at “resolutioners”.

Jeer at them for using January to get their shit together…post up comments about how they can’t wait for the gym to quiet down come February.

And well…that’s just mean isn’t it?

After all, only 8% of people who create a New Years Resolution actually see it through. Do you really want to be responsible for lowering an already disgustingly low number?

Do we really want to see that number dwindle to 2%?

Hell no!

We want our friends and family to be healthy, no matter when they start their fitness journey.

Now, a fitness resolution usually fails due to minimal support found in your typical gym setting. I mean really, who want’s to go to a faceless black hole, to lift weights they don’t know how to use and run on a treadmill like a hamster in a ball….

It’s like hitting your head against a brick wall, and then trying to persuade yourself to do it day, after day, after day…

So instead, to ring in your new fitness year, we have created the 19 Day Detox – it’s famous actually.

The reason people love the detox so much is because:
— everything is laid out for you – the meal plan, the juicing and the workouts
— the support and motivation is through the roof…you will WANT to keep coming back
— it’s only 19 days which is the perfect length of time to focus on yourself and your health
— you will clear the body of all your Christmas crap. Toxins and bloating will go bye bye.
— it’s fast and effective. You will see massive changes by day 14.
— the workouts are can do as many as you like and we have over 40 per week
— you will heal digestive issues such as low/high stomach acid which means you can throw away the Tums.
— your stomach will flatten due to reduced bloating which is going to mean all your work clothes will fit 10 times better.
— you will meet Durham Regions most supportive group of boot campers. They will welcome you, help you and make you laugh all at the same time…they really are amazing.

Anyway, go here to read a little more and to sign up:

And if you are just starting out on your fitness plan or simply recommitting, just know that Whitby Boot Camp thinks you are aces.

See you soon

Misty “go get em’ Tiger” Mozejko

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