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Soy waaaatt?? Subways chewy chicken exposed.

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It’s all over the news. It’s all over Facebook. I even shared the link with you all in our private group…

Subway is getting a LOT of bad press right now about some of their ingredients they use in their so-called, healthy, fast food options.

And it’s the chicken that is our media culprit du jour.

Apparently the chicken used in our calorie controlled, lean cuisine, good-for-ya subs are made from about 50% soy.

Yup. The S word.

And for those who know the detriments of too much dietary soy, I know you are alarmed…but what if you don’t know what soy does to a body???…ok let me explain:

There are 2 types of soy: 

Fermented soy (think tempeh) which is GOOD for you. YAY.


Unfermented soy (think soy burgers) which are bad for you. BOO.

Now, the soy marketing machine has cleverly led us all to believe that ALL soy is good and thus, if we see it as an ingredient in our foods…we should be thankful it’s in there because..ya know….HEALTH. YAY.

But actually, too much soy is linked to breast cancer, thyroid disorder, immune system problem, fertility issues,kidney stones and even brain damage.

Huh…well gee, the marketing moguls never told us that.

And so, when we find out that 50% of the chicken we have been eating is actually soy, we begin to get a little fired up.

But look, Subway isn’t the problem. Because if Subway are doing it then probably lots of people are. Soy is cheaper than meat, no-one can tell and well…it saves a tonne of money so YOU BETTER BELIEVE that there are more fast food joints doing the same thing….

Anyway…what's my point?

My point is to stop eating at all these junky, low quality and fake-food “restaurants” and learn, from the experts (me) how to eat well, without spending a mortgage payment and without having to learn how to cook all over again.

It’s simple once you know how. So please, allow us that chance. I really don’t want to see you with a third boob hanging off your forehead…

10,000 Strong is known for out amazing nutrition program and our teaching courses that ensure you continue to try new approaches to clean n lean eating.

We know that one menu plan does not work for everyone so we offer up various meal plans, intensive 3 week programs as well as hands on accountability programs that show you exactly how to implement different nutrition

  • Juicing to get rid of bloating
  • Food prepping for weight loss and time saving
  • Fasting for fat loss and digestive repair
  • Macro nutrient counting for body shaping
  • Clean eating for the whole family
  • Cleansing to reduce inflammation
  • Carb cycling for thyroid support

and the list goes on.

But yes, as a member at 10,000 Strong I will teach you all of this…and more.

Ok, so lesson of the day: don’t eat fake food.

Bonus lesson: workout for 30 minutes, most days of the week at 10,000 Strong…


To come see what's cooking at the studio and get a little taste of how you COULD be living, grab a 2 week test drive today and lets start a whole new chapter of healthy living..

Ya in??

Alrighty, time to go inspect some food labels and make sure my cupboards are fake-food-free.

Misty RHN

10,000 Strong

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