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Spare Tire? Thunder Thighs?

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Spare Tire? Thunder Thighs?

Are you carrying around 10lbs of blubber on your belly?

How about those thighs? More dimples than the surface of the moon?

You know…it might not just be a will power problem.

What if the severe amount of stress you have been under if affecting your weight loss?

It’s true ya know.

Listen, I have always been in shape, fit, lean….until after my life changed last year.

The stress, the financial burdens, the moving have screwed me right up!

And so, being the nutritionist I am, I went on a massive learning binge about the thyroid and the adrenals.

The 2 glands that are responsible for metabolism but the 2 glands that are most affected by stress.

Turns out, that most of us are under so much stress that we have slowed down our adrenals and thyroids and therefore helping us keep weight on our tummy’s and hips.

This topic is so interesting and there is so much to learn that I am putting on an entire seminar on.

You will learn the following in this seminar:

– Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue
– Why weight loss is next to impossible
– How we can fix the adrenals and kick start our metabolism
– A step by step guide what you will do daily to repair
– Carb cycling, water intake, sleep and food fixes to help you reboot your adrenals and ultimately shed those un wanted pounds.

Pretty cool huh?

Misty “Adrenal Fixer Upper” Mozejko

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