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HANDS DOWN the hardest thing about losing weight was believing that “NOTHING WAS WORKING”.

Every day I would question whether this weight loss plan was working.

Every time I stepped on the scale and it didn’t budge I would throw my hands up with desperation and think “fuck this shit”.

Every time I saw a picture I hated, tried on pants that didn’t fit or caught a glimpse of a not-so-flattering reflection, a massive wave of disappointment would crash over my body and I just figured i’d be fat forever.

This constant questioning of worth was the hardest thing.

But, actually, this wasn’t Sara’s question. Sara wanted to know which was harder:

working out 


eating healthy…

Well, it was absolutely the eating healthy.

Working out with my fiends and fitness family at boot camp is the easy part. I mean, who doesn’t want to go workout with amazing people and warm and welcoming trainers….

I know I do.

But, come 8 pm, when my trainer and friends are no longer there to cheer me on…breaking the chocolate habit was waaaaaay harder.

But, the way through is to find a group of people who WILL keep you accountable.

When I stopped drinking I made myself accountable to a group of other Alcohol Free people. My son, while he does not know it, also provides me with a massive source of accountability because he is so proud of me and I could never disappoint him.

So, come to boot camp, workout with friends and then, stick with those friends though all your food ups and downs. Not only will they make you stronger physically, they will boost your mental endurance too.

Win, Win!

Your new accountability group is waiting for you and the minute you start your 2 week trial you will be paired up with a 10,000 Strong Ambassador who will bring you into the fold and get your mindset sorted out from day on:

Can't wait to see you in class – we'll be sweat-best-friends.

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