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Starvation Meal Plan Gets Hated On.

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There's 70 people in our fasting challenge so far. Thats a whole whack of people that are about to change their bodies….forever.

….and look,  I know that some of you are worried about "starving yourself". That Misty is leading you down a dangerous, anorexic path.

Don't worry, I hear it all ya know. I have eyes and ears everywhere….

But you know what, I said the SAME thing when I was introduced to this program last year. I poo-pooed fasting because I thought I was too active, too busy, too focused on my workouts to embrace starvation.

My thighs, ass and stomach told a very different story mind you. They could all have used a few skipped meals if I am being honest..

Anyway, the point is, that I took a little bit of time to wrap my head around fasting. I did my research, read the books, studied the effects of fasting on the human body…and I couldn't find one negative article. I couldn't find any medical data that refuted the benefits of fasting.


But actually, even knowing every single detail about how GOOD fasting was for me didn't sway me. 


It was actually a very painful chat with my naked reflection that got me on board. I gave myself a good critical once over in the long mirror and thought…

…fuck it. What in gods name do you have to lose?

And so I went ALL IN.

And fuck me…if it didn't bloody work like gangbusters.

So let me save you years of failed diet attempts and offer you the only solution for stubborn fat >>> The 21 Day Hour Glass Fast workout and nutrition challenge.

You can hide behind excuses and invalid reasoning if you want…or you can sack up and try this out.

I wouldn't try to trick you…you know me better than that!

You only have one more day to sign up…the meal plan is sent out this weekend so you can print your grocery lists and get going. Non members please go here to grab a last minute spot:

Non members, this is included in your membership so just email Katie.

2017 can be the leanest one ever…if you just let me show you.

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