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Stop telling me i’m too expensive & check this:

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“10,000 Strong is too expensive” was written on a public forum today. 

Ahhh, so we are here again are we?

Yep, 10,000 Strong IS an investment and yes 10,000 Strong is a commitment but when did you ever, ever get anything you wanted without committing and investing?

Uh, never.

It’s very simple actually. I cannot run the best program in the region, pay the best trainers and nutritionists, rent a premium retail spot on highway 2, have 45 classes a week and maintain simply the fastest fat loss results anywhere in the GTA…

…for $50 a month.

It’s just Math. To provide you will the best, I have to pay LOTS of money out which means you have to invest a couple of hundred bucks to ensure you always get the HIGHEST quality service and results.

Anyway, in response to the ladies outcry, a couple of my members jumped in and said:

“ You will not look back once you have walked through the doors at 10000 Strong. Their 32 weekly classes, coaches and nutritionists are 2nd to none..Teresa Misty Rhn :)”

and also:

“I too go to 10000 strong and love it. Like G mentioned, it is a holistic program focusing on nutrition, coaching, weight loss goals and amazing trainers. Do the two week trial and see for yourself and you will be hooked. It is proven that if you pay more for services, you tend to be more invested rather than paying your box gym membership and never going.”

Ahhh…ma girls. Always repping their 10,000 Strong pride 🙂

Now, my response, because I have been in this situation 10000 times is to simply direct the poster to my latest and greatest challenge in my online store. Luckily for her, we have the 21 day Hour Glass Fast starting on Jan 16th which is a priced perfectly at $157.

This 3 week fat loss program will change your life entirely and you’ll learn a 100% sustainable way to lose weight this year while losing 10 pounds or more during the program.

It’s a no brainer. 

So, if you also feel we are too expensive but secretly stalk us on Facebook, while not join our 3 week challenge? Done for your meal plans, the best trainers in the GTA and a supportive environment to see you through…

It won’t ever get better than this:

Talk tomorrow

PS: if you are already a member this is FREE for you (it’s part of that expensive membership you pay for) so just email to register.

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