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Straight-up pitch slap.

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There is a workout program, a diet plan and a motivational coach for everyone.
Yep, no matter what your “style of workout”, no matter what it is YOU need to stay motivated, I am 100% convinced it’s out there.
I mean, not at MY studio..
Gawd no.
We offer one thing and one thing only. LOL. We ONLY offer boot camp and nutrition services for those looking for a long term program that will finally fix their weight loss war.
No we don’t offer 10 class passes or monthly memberships.

No, we don’t do JUST boot camp without the nutrition and no, we don’t work with people looking for a fast fix.

I’ll be quite blunt.

My boot camp and nutrition program works best for those who are truly ready to INVEST time and money back into themselves.

If you don’t have $180 a month to spend on your health, then you really shouldn’t be researching my program.

And i’m not trying to come off all high and mighty, i’m just letting you know that due to the sheer intensity of the program, due to the extreme results, due to the elite trainers and highly qualified nutritionist…

…I could never offer my unlimited boot camp membership for $50 a month.

I’d be bankrupt before you could say “Premier Fitness”.

So, yeh, while there are DVD’s, new discount gyms that have “no frills” written all over them, $5 park boot camps and a myriad of other options…

…we are not them.

We are a very high level, results oriented, holistically focussed, elite fitness community that welcomes anyone who is looking to work hard on themselves for the next 12 months.


If you need some persuasion, I do have this little thing called a BOGO that starts on July 4th. You have to be on the pre-notification list in order to get the payment link tho…so ya know:
go here:

If that’s still not your thang….then no worries.

Talk soon
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