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Stress eating isn’t your “new thing”

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When did it become ok to eat that chocolate bar? When did weekday drinking become the norm? When did you start telling yourself that those cheese croissants won’t do you any harm and when did you start accepting your new rolls as the new you?

Can you pin point the day? Can you think back to the year you started to slide?

I bet I can help you….just think back to the last really stressful thing that happened. Your divorce, your new baby, your relative dying. Think back to when you were financially strapped or when you lost your job. Think back to the year that tragedy happened and ask yourself if this was the defining moment.

Was it?

Weight gain is connected to stress. We all know this. BUT, even when that stress has begun to dissipate, the body clings to the fat like a blanket.

It’s incredibly hard to lose your stress weight…trust me, I know. You need to ensure certain things are in place to you can shed the “stress 20” and regain your former glory.

You need to reduce stress in your body by eating proper food and healing the inflammation and you need to exercise so that pent up stress energy has an outlet.

You gotta heal the insides while strengthening the outsides.

You have to become mentally strong AND physically strong.

I’ve had to do this too. My post divorce/death/moving stress got the better of me and so i’ve been focussing on making self strong via my daily workouts. I have been making myself clean by cutting out meat and upping my vegetables. I have been working on ME…because I needed it.

And so do you.

You can’t avoid getting healthy. If you have been through massive stress, you need to heal and you need to cleanse.

You need a safe environment that doesn’t judge…but simply provides a welcoming workout environment that will help you focus on healing.

Trainers that make you strong and nutritionists that nourish your body.

You deserve it and owe it to yourself to heal from your devastation. I know it’s hard to hear and I know it’s hard to get motivated but just try. For me.

Right now we have our 2 week test drive on for $29….after 2 weeks of working out and cleansing the soul, you will feel much better…trust me.

So, just go here and grab your test drive…:

You gotta start somewhere right?

Hope to see you soon

Misty RHN

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