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String bean arms suffer no judgement here

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The intimidation factor behind joining a new boot camp is paralyzing….right?

Being thrust into this environment where you will feel judged and out of place is awful PLUS on top of that, you have no idea if you are going to be able to keep up with the class or if you can even do the things your trainer asks you to do.

You fear being left standing there alone while everyone else completes 1000 pushups and you simply chew your nails in the corner while onlookers smirk at your pathetic string bean arms.

Of course, that’s the complete opposite of how our family environment works…but until you have been there, you only have your assumptions to lean on.

Listen, I know EXACTLY how intimidating it is because I felt the same way when I joined Muay Thai boxing. Except in my trial pass I was dealing  with an ALL MALE environment where by I knew100% I would get hurt and be pushed to my max.

I remember waiting for the class to start and watching the guys wrap their hands and do their stretches. I was watching the class before mine have their abs BEATEN by a mat in order to create deeper ab strength, I remember looking around at all the short, shaved-head older guys as they practiced smashing the shit out of the bags…as a warm up.

Inside I was terrified.

But outside I remained calm as a cucumber and decided to go ahead an introduce myself to as many of this psychotic punching machines as I could. I figured if I was going to look like an idiot, I might as well do it with friends rather than strangers.

And so that’s what I did. I simply jumped in with 2 feet and ignored my inner scaredy cat.

Of course now I have come to see that all those guys I thought were professional fighters are simply big pussy cats who know roughly as much as I do about Martial Arts. And..i’m about 2 ft higher than them so I can kinda take them if needed.

And so I know that you read my emails day in and day out thinking “oh I wish I was brave enough” but then never actually buying the 2 week pass because fear gets the better of you..

..but I want you to know that it’s not like that at 10,000 Strong. We are welcoming, you can work at your pace and we never judge anyone that comes in and tries their hardest.

I also want to remind you that you simply need to just jump in with both feet because big change needs big commitment. Your 2 week pass with 10,000 Strong is going to show you a) there is nothing to be afraid of as because our workouts are designed for YOU and b) just how quickly big change can occur…

So, here is your link and your chance to grab life by the horns…you ready:

Let’s do this!

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