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Studies Show Morning Workouts…..

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Are what? Better at burning fat? Better at burning calories? Better at creating muscle?

Oh My GOD….so if you don’t workout in the morning your workout doesn’t count?

Could it be true?

Well, there is some science in there somewhere but, as per usual, it’s been diluted into something quite silly over the years.

In a nutshell, there is 1 type of workout that is best done in the morning on an empty stomach: fasted cardio. It’s done in the morning as, in theory, you haven’t eaten anything in a while and so can use fat to fuel the workout.

BUT…fasted cardio is not all-out, balls to the wall, go until you puke cardio. No, in order to burn fat (and not the bodies preferred fuel of carbs and protein), then you have to go a little slower than usual… “fat burn slow”. It’s really quite painfully boring.

You can’t lift heavy on no fuel and boot camp is a no-no on no fuel, so all that’s left is jogging in the am.

And while it will help cut fat if you are looking for that bikini body on Christmas Day, it won’t build muscle and create a toned look.

SO, to put this semi-myth to bed…there is NO better time during the day to do your workout…
You just have to do it, most days a week (unless Coach Kelly shredded your Quads like mine last week and all I could do was a quick trail run the day after….)

Now, in the New Year I am adding another 4 classes to the schedule which means we will have more weekend options and late night evening classes as well as 9:30am classes every day of the week.

We are over 40 classes a week now…why? Because our schedule is unlimited meaning you can come to as many classes as you like, at whatever time you need, any day during the week.

With over 40 classes to choose from, you simply have no excuses for “not finding time”…

And, yes, we have morning workouts starting at 5:30 am every day too…just incase you love the results of an early workout <<<< which include more energy, better clarity and, for me, a massive sense of relief knowing my workout it done 🙂
If you don’t start working out now….then when?

You are going to have to bite the bullet one day, so why not do it with the full support of a personal trainer and a nutritionist?

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Looking forward to sweating with you soon

Misty “She shredded my quads like cheese” Mozejko

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