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[Success Week] Mom, Nurse and fat killer.​

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[Success Week] Mom, Nurse and fat killer.

Meet Nicki.

Nicki is one of our super star members.

She has made a massive transformation so far.

I’m not just talking about her amazing fat loss of 12 pounds.

The 6 inches she has lost from her belly button and the 4 dress sizes she has dropped….

No….this is not all she has accomplished.

Something truly amazing happened recently….

She sent me this message:

“Misty I no longer have high blood pressure!!!! I never stopped juicing and along with the exercise, looks like I’ve kicked it in the arse!!!! Thank you for you, for WFBBC, for offering and going above and beyond for your clients, much love xoxox”


I mean this is insane right?

A solid diet, some juicing and her consistent workouts have made this HUGE change.

High blood pressure has plagued her for years. Has held her back.

I remember having conversations with her about this as a limitation.

Well no longer.

You are now Limitless.


I hope Nicki’s story has inspired you….

Stay tuned for more success.

This week is all about inspiring you and congratulating our rockstar members.

Feel free to upload your “before and after” pictures to Teresa Misty Mozejko’s Facebook Page 🙂


PS: This is what Nicki has to say about our most recent challenge:

“Misty – I loved the detox!! I never, ever felt hungry. I never had the desire to reach for my “go to” snack food – the junk! The crackers, chips and chocolate! Never!! What an eye opener that is for me. Eating properly can curb my cravings. I thought I was a healthy eater but now I have the tools to choose foods that prevent cravings. Actually, when the 19 days were over, I craved juice and want that instead of my morning coffee. I will definitely continue to juice. I didn’t need to lose weight but easily lost a few pounds, more significant for me was the percent body fat I lost. Now I can work on toning and building more muscle mass.
Feeling great!!”

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