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Survive Christmas FIRST, lose weight SECOND.

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Is the family here yet? Did you get all those presents wrapped? Have you have prepped the food and figured out that Secret Santa gift? doubt this season is busy and with the busyness comes a propensity for eating shit. A turtle or 2 for breakfast, some Baileys in the coffee, maybe a fly-by take out dinner as you fight the crowds at the mall.

Yeh. There is no time for starting a fitness program right now…is there? I mean, it would probably help your sanity. It would probably help stave off the Christmas calorie count.

But as these next few days slip by and you focus on making Christmas the dream holiday it’s supposed to be…i’m pretty sure adding a new boot camp into the routine would probably be more stressful than helpful.

And so i’m gonna be a realist here.

I’m gonna say, hold off.

Don’t start something half-assed and during the busiest time of the year. Just give your self a quick minute to survive Christmas and then, when things have calmed down…then you can start the year off right with the 12 Week Blitz Program that I have specifically developed for January 2017.

This super quick membership is going to be the ONLY way to kick start your weight loss and fitness plans for 2017.

I mean, we all know 10,000 Strong offers the most effective 30 minute workout in the Region, and typically, our memberships are a year long BUT, on Christmas Day only, I am opening up some limited 3 month memberships.

I want you to know that no matter what happens over the next 2 weeks, come Jan 2nd you have the BEST plan in place for your weight loss. If you grab a Blitz Program, you will have no need to worry.

You can purchase this 12 week nutrition and boot camp program ONLY on Christmas Day and ONLY if you are on the pre-notification list. 

Yep, I have to make it hard because honestly, I really only want the hyper-committed to grab this offer.

Ok, here is the link:

Ok, a few more days until we kick this off! Even if you just want to find out the pricing, you should pop your email on the list.

Misty RHN

10,000 Strong

PS: Yes, these is a discount on this memberships and yes I have loaded it with hundreds of dollars in bonuses. But only those on the list will find out.

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