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Think for a second to the best trainers you ever had.

The best workouts.

Think back to when you were in the best shape of your life.

I remember the best shape of my life…I was the leanest ever when I owned the Brooklin Run Club.

The endless running with some amazing people really pushed my body to the limits of its cardiovascular ability and my daily weight lifting and boot camp classes kept my muscles supple, toned and strong.

I mean, I was also 10 years younger. Life was easier back then and my metabolism was my friend.

Anyway, the point is, you will always be in the best shape of your life when you train with awesome people. People you like. People that inspire you and people that hold you accountable.

So, when new BOGO’er Tonia told me in person yesterday that she loved all our trainers and enjoyed Coach Kelly’s spunkiness….I knew she was on her way to her best body ever.


Because she had found her squad.

And then Sham, another brand new member had this to say about Coach Kelly too:

“My daughter and I went for our first class yesterday at 6.20. Loved the class and our coach. Loved the energy in the class, I’m very sore but it feels good

So, this also means that Sham has found her fitness crew.

All our trainers get rave reviews and with 7 of them on staff, you are going to find the perfect trainer for your goals. The trainer that is going to be the person you lean on to help get you to your target weight/body fat/dress size.

You need to find your tribe, a group of people that you ENJOY being around – this is the only way you commit long term to being the healthiest and fittest version of you.

I honestly think you’ll find that at 10,000 Strong. We are truly a fitness community that lifts up and supports each and every member.

With that said, you can come and try out our fitness-fam for 2 weeks today, just click here for more information and hit the green BUY NOW button to purchase a 2 week test drive:

Looking forward to some sweaty hugs and high fives.

Misty RHN
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