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Winter is well and truly here. The frost creeps up my windows in the morning and the cold air cuts through my lungs.

The days are short and the fire place is warm and the human race starts to slow down. Starts to hibernate.

We relish the warmth.

We make soups, chilli’s and stews to warm our insides and we don big fluffy cardigans and sweaters to protect our skin.

Yep. Like bears, we are going into hibernation. 

We will gain weight. We will bloat up. As our bodies crave more carbohydrates during the frostbitten depths of Winter we will surely create more fat, more blubber.

And lets be honest, those Turtles won’t eat themselves. The wine and cheese will only be around so long. The cakes, the appetizers and the breads will all need to be eaten before they go stale…..

…but not really.

We tell ourselves all this BS because our bodies are craving carbs and well, there’s no better carb than a caramel and chocolate dipped pecan.

But hey, you know this now. I just told you that you are going into a MASSIVE CARB CRAVING season. Biologically (and prehistorically) speaking it’s how our bodies work. The colder it gets, the more our bodies tell us to eat carbs so we have enough energy to get through a season where food is scarce and the tempretures sub zero.

So what you gonna do?

You gonna just succumb to the season and eat yourself fat OR do you want to eat and drink in moderation, carefully side stepping around all of those delicious pitfalls.

The choice is yours

And, if you act today, I have a “crush the carbs” deal on our 6 month membership. If you commit to a healthy Christmas today, I’ll knock off $400 on your 6 month membership. 

You’ll even get our January weight loss challenge thrown in for free ($200 value).

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Consider this your early Christmas Gift to yourself.


Till next time

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