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Tame your inner rationalization hamster

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We need our friends. We need our tribe. We need our back up support system when all else fails….

We need it even more so when shit hits the fan, when life throws you a curve ball… When your cheese slides off your cracker and splats directly onto the floor and into a pile of cat vomit….

You see, any time we have to face something hard, as humans we seek support.

We go to therapy, we cry with our friends or we get dressed up, go out and have a few laughs.

And guess what….losing weight is hard. Like really fecking hard. It's a constant battle of wills.

Every hour of every day you have to work on saying no, prepping food, planning workouts. You have to tame the inner rationalization hamster that lures you towards the office cookie swap…

It's hard, really hard, to keep up that level of motivation… 

…and so the best thing you can do is find your tribe. Find a support system that will keep you focused. A bunch of like minded people that will share in your wins and pick you up when you fall.

And 10,000 strong is that. Yeh yeh we have 45 classes a week, your own nutritionist and weight loss management expert.

Of course we have all the PHYSICAL things you need to lose weight…

… But, and this is what sets up apart from the crowd… We have the MENTAL tools you need to lose weight too.

Constant support, a private Facebook Group for questions and motivation, on hand nutrition experts to constantly remind you that ice cream is NOT the answer! We have an open, accepting community that is 100% judgement free.

We have trained experts who know exactly what to say, when you need it said and sometimes, just a little real-talk with any one of our trainers or nutritionists will set you back on track.

And, being Christmas, you might need a few little chats with one of our motivational guru's to help keep you focused on the end goal.

Anyway, grab yourself and early Christmas present and get going with a 2 week test drive this week. No time like the present:

2017 is almost here…hit the ground running with your weight loss goals

Misty RHN
10,000 Strong

1645 Dundas Street E
Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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