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Taming the Inner Hell-Bitch.

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Your inner bitch..or Brotch as we call it for the men….can be beastly.

Your IB is like your own little peanut gallery…

…commenting on everything you do, everything you wear, everything you eat.

They wake up early and provide a running commentary on your every move.

They are not nice either.

It’s not like they are your own personal cheerleaders…

Or minions.

They don’t constantly provide you GOOD feed back like “YAY Misty, that was an awesome choice of yoga pant for today…high five”…

Nope…they tell you how fat you look, how tired you look, how tight your clothes feel.

Then, when are feeling so crappy about your appearance, they tell you how you SHOULD eat more carbs, enjoy a glass of wine with dinner and how an extra cookie won’t hurt.

They are bastards that peanut gallery.

So, what can be done with them, how can we turn off the constant monkey chatter?

Well there are 2 wells to silence your Brotch:

1 – tune them out. That’s right…ignore them. What they say doesn’t matter anyway so just focus on other things.

2- when that fails…strike out everything negative thing they say with something positive…

For example:

Them: Your things are rubbing together

Me: My thighs are so muscular from my workouts

or how about

Them: You muffin top is showing

Me: My muffin top is less muffin-y by the day because of all the waterI drink and clean food I eat.

You can pretty much find a positive for everything they say…and if you do not try to find this positive, if you do not try to balance this hell-bitch…

…You are going to get very, very down on yourself.

You are going to start believing the peanut gallery. Your self esteem will plummet.

So, 2 ways to tame the hell bitch? Tune her out, or find the positive statement to overrule the negative commentary.

Have a fantastic day!

Misty “ yes I talk to the voices in my head” Mozejko

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