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Tanked your diet over Xmas? Don’t worry, I fix.

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A member stopped by my desk yesterday. She told me she almost called to quit last week.

She told me that the past few months had been really hard and that she had eaten and drank her way to an all time low.

She even confessed to laying in bed while texting her daughter to bring her the chocolate she had hidden behind the piano..

Yeh, she had hit a road block.

But then, she ran into Coach Andrew while running errands. He mentioned the new classes we added to the schedule this week and she knew, right at the point, she couldn’t NOT come. After all, she had really wanted another Sunday morning session!

And so she jumped back into the ring with two feel and now feels better than she has all Winter.

And I know that many of you are in the same boat.

You tanked your diet and exercise routine over Christmas and while you figured you would jump on the band wagon come Jan 1st….you have been seriously dragging your feet.

You cannot get motivated and you are hating yourself for it.

So what to do?

What’s the plan stan?

Well, I vote you follow in the foot steps of our wise and wonderful member above. She was fighting coming back to boot camp, but when she did, she knew it was the right choice.

She is even coming twice a day now <<< that’s have re-motivated she is! (I’m VERY PROUD OF YOU by the way;) Anyway…if you have been a little slow off the mark with your 2016 fitness goals, then don’t worry. Good old Misty has an idea. It’ll only take 19 days, everything is laid out for you and it doesn’t cost much at all. Go here and read all about it >>>>

Let me know if you have questions…I’m always here to help.

Talk soon
Misty “So long 2015 thunder thighs” Mozejko

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