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That Mason Jar Salad Pin = FAIL.

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Sometimes people leave 10,000 Strong. I know, shocking right? After all, who would want to leave such a supportive and result driven gym…?

…anyway, it’s true. People do leave to have things like babies or maybe travel the world. I can forgive them for this however, i’m not a complete bitch.

One such client, Beth, has just recently returned, post baby and decided to launch her “way back to weight loss” with our latest and greatest weight loss challenge.

Of course, because I’m actually amazing at developing crazy-ass weight-drop meal plans…she was thrilled with her fast results:

“Hi! Day 4 and down 4lbs already! I have to say though, I'm loving this meal plan. The food is delicious so far! I love having my meals planned out too. I can really see how this benefits me and how not planning my meals is when I end up eating badly. 

Thanks and great to be back!”

OK so lookit…when you are just starting, or RE-starting a diet and exercise program, the ONLY thing that is going to ensure your success…

The ONLY thing that is going to make or break the scale…

The ONLY thing that is going to keep you motivated…

Is having a structured plan to follow.

You can’t just wander around the gym, Pinterest some mason jar salads, read fitspiration memes and call yourself a health nut.

Neither should you join some cheap-o gym or next-door studio and semi-commit to your workout routine.

You need 10,000 Strong to lay it all out for you.

Make it happen.

Show you EXACTLY what to do, when to do it and what to eat. Then, I can fully promise you incredible results…just like Momma Beth up there. 

It’s not easy on your own, so let my team of experts take the reigns for a little while.

Ok folks…time is running out on these 2 week test drives. If you want to try us out now, before January 2017 has all but vanished, you’ll need to grab your test drive below:

Stop making this difficult on yourself,

Misty RHN

10,000 Strong

1645 Dundas Street E
Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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