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Ever get the urge to try something new? I do…all the time. I have exercise ADD so i'm constantly changing things up and so it was that last year I joined a Tennis Club.

My instructor Glen was awesome. Very encouraging, very supportive. He told me “great swing” when I missed the ball, and “good try” when I launched it into space.

He was patient and kind and a really great beginner tennis instructor.

And then, one day,  he went away. OH.MY.GOD….my tennis saviour went away on holiday for a month…now what was I going to do? Who was going to treat me like the princess I am?

And so, with a little trepidation, I went to class the following week to meet “the new guy”. I had already pigeon-holed him to be some mean, grumpy old guy who would berate me for being totally useless behind a racquet.

However, me and my class mates showed up and low and behold we got the exact opposite of what we were expecting. Facing us was a happy, motivational, young son of a gun who was ready to take on our motley crew of Andre Agassi wanna be's.

And yes, he was very different to Glen, and yes, he hadn’t yet learned to bow in my presence, but he was still very good.

As our first lesson with “the new guy” progressed, he taught us new ideas, show us different stances. Some of the new information taught to me was great, because it made sense. And then, some of the new stuff I didn’t like, because I had Glen’s way down pat.

But either way, I was making progress. This new guy, with his new fangled ways, was actually helping me become better.

And so, you can see now why I love having 8 trainers on staff.

Yes, you will learn lots from your fave trainer, but it’s nice to have the input of others to help make you stronger and faster.

It’s fantastic to have different types of classes from Coach Andrews team classes to Coach Natalie’s core focussed session to Coach Kelly’s quad destroyers….

It all plays into the mix and make you much stronger a lot quicker.

If you do the same old workouts every time, then you are not really asking your body to change. You are letting rest on it’s laurels. And when you simple slide through a workout without testing your limits….well, there was no point doing it in the first place.

Your body actually loves the challenge of adaptation. As humans, it's what we do best. And thus, when it come to working out, you need to be challenged…both mentally and physically. You need a team of 10,000 Strong trainers to engage your muscles and your mind. Where one trainer will push your body another trainer will push your soul.

It's actually a very interesting and enjoyable way to workout ya know. Being kept on your toes means you'll never dread another workout ever again because you have no idea what's going to happen when you arrive to your session…exciting huh?

Come try out this concept and you'll see. You'll discover a whole new world of working out that you have been missing out on and a whole new way to lose weight that is actually FUN and exciting and something you really do want to do.

Now then, we shall chat again tomorrow shall we not?

Until then

Misty RHN
10,000 Strong

1645 Dundas Street E
Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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