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The Double Double

In: fitness

The Great Canadian Workout is now called The Double Double.

It was invented by super star client Andrew.

Andrew is getting married in just a few weeks and while he presently does 2 workouts a day as it is…he just came up with a new level of crazy…



His new challenge is to do a double workout in the morning AND the evening….our coaches better hold onto their hats!

You can bet his triceps are gonna pop outta his tux.

Andrew is on a mission.

He is not only focussed on being a buff groom, but actually on being the healthiest version of himself….wedding or no wedding.

This short term goal has been a great motivator, but he is after the long term benefits.

He has his eye on the prize.

So far Andrew has lost around 20 pounds and he is closing in on 10% body fat lost.

How long has this taken him?

A mere 11 weeks.

Not even three months to make this epic change.

Not even 3 months in, and Andrew is raising the bar to the Double Double.

Look what happens when you find a place you love and jump in with 2 feet.

I think you will agree that Andrew is an inspiration.

And we all wish we were just a little bit more like him 🙂

Well…now you can be.

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You will be amazed how much you can achieve in just 5 weeks!!

Let me know if you have any questions and I can answer them 🙂

Misty “Double Trouble” Mozejko

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