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The Doubters and the Haters…

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We all have our fair share of haters.

In pretty much everything we do, you will have people call you out, shun you and poke fun.

You could start a new job and have someone doubt your abilities. You could start a new workout program and have some make fun of it. HECK….you could have even joined a fitness program with us and had people question, discount and down right criticize you for doing something so drastic.

In fact, my entire fitness program has it’s fair share of haters.

People question my program, my reasons, discounting the benefits of detoxing the system while strengthening the body (why, I have NO idea).

I get called a quack and often times friends of members think what we do is slightly crazy.

But you know what…thats ok.

Stand up for yourself and don’t them sway you.

I can’t be swayed….I know me by now. I am far too stubborn to lose sight of my passion.

But I want YOU to remember that YOU are the only one who can pass judgement on your health and fitness.

Don’t listen to anyone who doesn’t support you. Let them roll off you like water off a ducks back. Find your lovers and lose your haters. Don’t worry about the back lash. In fact…the more people you piss off, the more success you will have.

People cannot handle YOU doing better than THEM.

Stick to you guns.

I am fortunate to have many “lovers” of my programs and business.

I am fortunate to know I make a difference in peoples lives.

Thats why no-one can sway me 🙂

I know, in my heart of heart, there is NOTHING like my holistic weight loss program in Durham Region at all… We are a very unique program, which is why we cause lots of curiosity and friction…no-one likes people going against the norm.

If you are looking for a workout that is waaaaaaaayyyy beyond normal and boring, if you detest the gym, if you are simply frustrated by the outdoor workout scene or your over-charging trainer is just not getting you the results you need…

…you might possibly be a good fit for our “left from centre” fitness program.

But that’s up to you to decide.

Make your decision in your very own 2 week test drive:

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Misty RHN

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