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The dumbest success story ever.

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The 9:30 class just let out. Happy, smiling clients left sweaty and proud. A little banter with them from my desk and then a quick chat with Coach Natalie and out the door they go.

And i'm left with a silent studio. 

I can hear the fridge humming behind me, but that’s about it. 

And in these few moments of solitude (a very rare thing for me) I started to reflect on my strengths.

In my copy writing business, I work with some really intelligent people. They are way smarter than me. They have multiple degree’s, they have incredible corporate resumes, they have built empires from mere crumbs.

These people are intellectually intimidating. I could never ever pretend to be smarter than them.

I mean, I didn’t go to University. I took two years in college where I literally took bowling classes. I was in a walking class when the Twin Towers were hit.

Book smarts are NOT my thing. I can’t add a tip, I can’t recite Edgar Allen Poe and i'm not entirely sure I can tell you the capitals of all 50 states.

I am however a forever student at The University of People. 

I understand people. I get them. I know what each and every single person wants. I know to dig around and pull out their passions, their grief, their motivation.

With one well placed question I can help you define your inspiration and passions.

I can do all of this, but I cannot recite my 8 times table.

But, as I have said before, the reason I was put here on this planet was to help YOU. Individually, personally and face to face.

And, the way that I help our local community is by getting you healthy and strong. They way I help my international copy writing community is make them better writers.

It’s important you play to your strengths. Focus on what makes you amazing. Revel in your very unique abilities and stop worry about being better than everyone else.

This is truly the vibe at 10,000 Strong. We are here to focus on the individual qualities that make you awesome.

We are NOT here to make you compete against each other in a Burpee Death Match. We don’t want you to feel compelled to post your WOD times on the board and personally I really don’t care for the feeling of “one-upmanship” all other other gyms give off.


My studio focuses on making each personal individual strengths shine and not forcing you all into some “one size fits all” program.

If this sounds like an environment in which your health, weight loss and muscle creation would thrive the it’s time for an early Christmas present..and a chance to feel fabulous for the big day.

Simply grab a 2 week test drive and make these last few weeks of 2016 really matter:

Come one, come all

Misty RHN

10,000 Strong.

1645 Dundas Street E
Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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