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The False Promises of Mr. Monday [From Andrew]

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I used to know this guy that would always get to the weekend and say…I’m gonna start a diet and start exercising on Monday.

Yes…Monday will be the day!

(Hey, it’s Andrew here – hope you enjoy. Well go ahead – continue on!)

It was like clockwork…every weekend was the same damn thing…just have one more binge weekend.
Let the pints flow…let the cheese on that pizza bubble.

Let’s forego the bowl for the chips and just muck the whole bag.
I mean who has time to put the chips in a bowl? Just cut out the middleman and down the entire bag.

Mr. Monday would always be feeling like a bag of shit come Monday…and you know what never happened??

He never worked out. He never prepped his meals to get his diet on point.

He only moved one more cheesy, greasy step into the abyss of feeling trapped.

After every binge weekend, he only felt regrets…he only felt depressed.

How do I know so much about Mr. Monday? Because I was Mr. Monday for 7+ Looooong years. Ashamed and full of regrets, embarrassed of how far I had let myself go.

I wondered if I would ever right the ship.

But I am here today to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way!
So long Mr Monday and hellooooo Mr (and Mrs) RIGHT NOW!!

I can help you shed that label of Mr Monday forever and I can help you shed that feeling of despair, regret and depression.

Don’t you want to feel great? Don’t you want to go into work on Monday and tell your co-workers you went to your first boot camp and you loved it?! Trust me, they’ll be jealous. They might hide their enthusiasm for you because they were supposed to start Monday too 😉

Don’t you want to have your workouts taught by the best Certified Personal Trainers in the GTA?

Don’t you want to have customized meal plans created by the infamous RHN, Misty Mozejko? I mean done for you to fit your needs…not those Google heroes spitting out their expert opinions from behind a computer.

Misty helped me shed the label of Mr. Monday by losing 80 lbs last year when I decided to take action!

Don’t go for the “last binge weekend” because that doesn’t work, instead try out an unlimited TWo Week Test Drive at our fat loss studio.

Why not start today? Why would you wait? Why would you let another day go by?

Join us for a Two Week Test Drive right now…and just go for it because the search for the Holy Grail of change doesn’t start on a Monday. It starts right now!

Looking forward to seeing you at camp

Mr. Right Now.

Certified Personal Trainer
Dedicated to your success.
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