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There’s a feeling you get when you lose weight. There’s this sense of pride and accomplishment that you get every day when you are doing what you need to do.

It might be an extra pose in the mirror. Maybe you let your top ride up so you can see some the contouring in your abs.

Maybe you notice your pants are a little looser in the thigh or maybe waist  and perhaps your top sits flatter over your stomach.

And these changes, oh! these changes are miniscule. These changes happen so slowly, that you don’t really notice them until one day BAM…that top that was always too tight suddenly fits perfectly.

I guess what I want to impart to you today is that change takes time. Change is painstaking. Losing weight does NOT happen in leaps and bounds and it certainly won’t happen as fast as you would like.

But, the thing about change, is that you cannot stop it.

The one thing we all know for sure is that change happens whether we like it or not.

If you keep going, if you keep working out, eating well, sticking to our famous 2 day fasting program or making better choices daily…change will happen.

The thing is, painstaking change is very demotivating and, it can just take one bad day to ruin a weeks worth of progress. This means that EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY than recognizing and accepting the slow process behind weight loss…

…you MUST surround yourself with people who will motivate you. People who want the same end goals that you do. People that understand what you are striving for and push you along so you all end up at your destination together.

^^ That place, my friends, is called 10,000 Strong. A studio built on acceptance, support and motivation.

A studio that ACTIVELY avoids weight loss fads, flashy equipment and promises of bikini bodies in under 21 days.

A studio that was built BY THE MEMBERS from the ground up. A studio that has an in house mentoring program so all our clients have the option of paying forward what they have learned to others by becoming weight loss coaches or personal trainers.

I know you’ve never experienced anything like us, so it’s probably time you do.

During your 2 week test drive of our studio you’ll get:

  • unlimited access to 90 classes that start at 5:30am and finish at 8pm. There are class options for every schedule.
  • exclusive training by the GTA’s most sought after trainers. You’re body will strengthen after just a few sessions with the educated trainers.
  • as many 30 minute HIIT trainings sessions as your body and brain can handle. Try 2 a week, or maybe 7, it’s totally up to you
  • a complimentary body analysis and goal setting session so you can understand *realistically* how long your weight loss or muscle gain is going to take and a plan that will get you there.
  • a warm, 10,000 Strong welcome to your new fitness home. We promise you’ll leave smiling.

You can grab your 2 week test drive here today:

See you soon

Misty RHN

10,000 Strong

1645 Dundas Street E
Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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