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The important lesson you have not learned.

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What the hell is a Macronutrient….?

well, it’s the opposite of a Micronutrient…

Well duhhhhh…

ok ok, thats not helpful is it…but knowing this information is going to make or break your diet.

So, a macro nutrient is:

A carb

A fat

A protein.

Make sense? These are the BIG nutrient categories our body needs to survive.

Micronutrients consist of:


And Minerals.

These are the SMALL nutrient categories our body needs to survive.

In order to take control over the food you are eating you need to be acutely aware of what MACROnutrients you are eating.

In fact, knowing this information is so helpful on our quest to weight loss, that bodybuilders and fitness models abide by strict Macro planning to sculpt that lean bod.

“And so why is this so damn important?”I hear you yell.

Well, so many times, I hear a client tell me “how good their eating” is. How they have NO IDEA why they are still battling the bulge.

And so they tell me this:

I eat oatmeal for breakfast
Then I snack on fruit
For lunch I have a sandwich
Then I eat some crackers and hummus
Dinner is usually chicken with like a rice side or something
After dinner I snack on popcorn or maybe some fruit.

DO YOU KNOW WHAT ALL THAT IS??? here let me show you in Macro-language

Breakfast = carbs
Snack = Carbs
Lunch = Carbs and other stuff
Snack = Carbs
Dinner – protein and yup…those carbs
Snack = Carbs

So you tell me you eat well, but you only eat one type of Macro.


And so, we need to sit and figure out you ratio’s for how much carb, how much protein and how much fat you can eat each day to lose weight, gain muscle or maintain.

Drum roll please…….


Starting November 23rd you will be put on your very own, personalized Macronutrient plan.

Yes, I am going to personally sort out how much protein, fat and carbs YOU need in order to reach your goals.

I will lay it ALLLLLLLL out for you and then all you have to do is log your foods in My Fitness Pal so you can see how you are doing.

Combined with your unlimited workouts, this personalized nutrition plan is going to ensure you stay on track this Christmas.

This 3 week challenge includes:

3-5 (or more if you want) work outs every single week with an elite personal trainer

a personalized nutrition plan based on your goals and body composition

100% accountability as you send your food logs in to your Nutritionist

100% motivation in our supportive and welcoming environment

Plateau busting diet plan that will ensure you shake things up

100% education on what YOUR BODY needs and not some stupid google meal plan

Before and after weigh in’s so we can see the drastic results

All the inspiration you need to stay on track as we count down to Christmas

Your only change to be Little Black Dress (Suit?) ready

The ability to re-do this plan whenever you like to add some pep to your step

Qualified and certified weight loss and exercise specialists to ensure you are well taken care of

And as if that wasn’t enough… could win yourself a Vitamix 🙂

Anyway, I have blabbed way longer than I meant too.

If you want to sign up it’s $197 and you gotta go here:

See ya soon

Misty “macros for the win” Mozejko

PS: You can ONLY register at Payment links will be emailed to you…members this is free for you.

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