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The most important lesson to date.

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Today I am going to share with you one of the most important, life-extending, sanity saving lessons I have ever practiced.

And as usual, i’m taking years of my own experiences and boiling them down into one, single, powerful lesson.

You see, like so many of you, I have battled stress for a long time.

I know what many of you think…How could Misty EVER be stressed. I run a successful business, I drive a decent car and I eat organic food.

She can’t be that bloody stressed.

Well, I was.

Most of it self-imposed stress. Pushing myself to survive the horrors of the financial burden that comes with divorce, opening newer and better businesses, being a single mother while trying to make a name for myself as a copy writer.

Feeling guilty when I worked too much yet feeling guilty when I didn’t work enough.

Not practicing what I preach.

Not taking time for myself to think everything through and rushing through life, people, projects.

And suddenly I hit a wall.

Maybe it was depression, maybe it was adrenal fatigue…maybe it was a bit of everything.

But once you hit that wall, you never want to hit it again. Demotivation, sluggishness and immobilizing fatigue are all signature symptoms of the wall and if who have ever experienced these for the long haul….there comes a time when you have had enough.

And I had had enough.

And so, when I feel tension or friction in my thoughts. When my brain starts reeling and when my timelines become jumbled, I ask myself one question:

“What is the most stress free thing you could do right now”..

And what ever my brain tells me in response is exactly what I do.

It may say “go for a walk”. It may say, “clean up the dishes” or it may say “just nod and smile and don’t say anything at all”.

But whatever it says, I do.

Because i’m sick and tired of the war inside my head.

Now, through all of this I have started a new food plan as well as stuck to my daily exercise because physically, those are the most stress free things I can do.

Go to boot camp for 30 minutes most days of the week, run hills, walk and play tennis. That’s my physical stress relief.

You need that side of stress-reduction too you know. And because all you have to do at boot camp is just show up…there is nothing stressful about it.

Your trainer and class mates will show you everything you need to do.

Secondly, because we have our Summer Bogo launching, you don’t even need to stress about money either!

When you buy July (for $277) then August is free.

So, no stress there either!

So go on, ask yourself if exercise is going to help reduce your stress, and when your brain comes back with a resounding YES!!!…

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Can’t wait to sweat away the stress with you soon

Misty RHN
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