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the most unreliable weight loss tool in the world

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I am in the middle of answering my 1 billionth email in regards to “why the scale isn’t moving”…and I need to address this problem.

People email me all the time to complain about how they have been working out has hard as possible. They have been eating perfectly. They have done everything they should and yet the scale hasn't moved in 2 weeks.

YUP…2 whole weeks. 14 days, 336 hours…

How dare that scale not budge after…what seems like simply EONS..

Forget how much stronger they feel.

Forget how much looser their pants feel.

And there are certainly no comments about how proud they are of themselves for finally sticking to the plan and not quitting at the first sign of PMS.

Nope….all they can see is that the scale and they see those numbers as the final word on weight loss.

Which, of course,  is insane.

It’s a hunk of metal and plastic. It has no bearing on your success. It can’t dictate whether you are winning or losing this game of health.

But you gave it power. YOU gave it the authority to make or break your day.

Imagine: you get up in the morning feeling skinny and lean. You are feeling good about your progress and can even notice the change in your legs and ass.

Yes, this would be a good day to get on the scale. Yes, the scale will have moved down and will totally validate how good I feel.

And so on you hop. And with an air of expectation you look at the numbers as they steady themselves.

You read them. And then, you read them again. You double check against your last weigh in numbers….and then you read the scale again.

How is this possible? You gained half a pound.


This is insane. I worked so fucking hard. I freaking worked out every day and ate nothing but salad and I GAINED A POUND….

FUCK THIS SHIT….i’m getting a muffin. Clearly nothing is going to work on this stupid body so I might as eat what I want.”

…..and just like that….all those feelings you had before your stepped on the most unreliable machine in the world have gone.

Poof – vanished. As if by magic, all the good thoughts you were having about yourself have been replaced with hate and self loathing.


If it does, you are NO LONGER allowed to step on the scale.

If you are a member, bring your scale to boot camp and put in on my desk. You can have it back next year.

If you are a non-member, drop off your scale with your name and you can have yours back in 2018 too.

You are no longer allowed to measure your self worth with a stupid scale…your self worth will come from being able to lift a heavier weight at bootcamp. Your self worth will come from a compliment from a fellow member. Your self worth will come from knowing you have your meal plans under control….

If you are tired of relying on the MOST archaic piece of machinery ever to dictate your self worth and self confidence then maybe try something completely new. Try out a program that doesn't reply on numbers, scales and ounces and one that proves its results in smiles, inches and compliments….

Yep…for 2 weeks, you can stop slogging away at that scale and try out something much more freeing….just grab a 2 week test drive right here…you can start tomrorow:

I can't wait for you to discover something entirely new.  

Misty RHN
10,000 Strong

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