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The Multiple Personality Disorder Method to Weight Loss

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“Tough as nails”, that’s what Clinton calls me.

And, i’ll take that as a compliment I guess.

I rather enjoy being a little bit feared…in fact, a long time friend told me recently that when we first met, she was 100% intimated by my scorching sarcasm and 6 ft amazonian stature.

But then again, if you ask my boyfriend if he thinks i’m an overbearing bitch, he will laugh in your face and reel off 100 of my insecurities…spiders, my weight, failing and rollercoasters, so on and so forth.

And I guess in life you get to be whoever you want to be. You can bring out your “tough as nails” persona when you have to fire someone or deal with backlash. And, you can show off your more sensitive side when your son is sick, your employee is having a rough day or when someone just really needs a shoulder to cry on.

When it comes to your health though, I want you to be “as tough as nails”. I want you to workout, no matter what. I want you to eat right, no matter what. I want your hard-ass personality to show through.

Being mentally tough is sooooo crucial for weight loss success. Athletes have to be tough as nails with their training, detox-er’s have to be tough as nails through with-drawl and we all need a little bad-assery to get us through our workouts.

So, do no let your weaker, softer side take over when a workout is approaching. Don’t let it whisper sweet nothings into your ear, persuading you that working out today is a bad idea because (insert wussy excuse)…

Let “tough as nails you” kick in and march your butt straight to boot camp. Let your bad-ass get to work on those burpees and let your inner drill sergeant push you a little further each time.

Because when you are all done there will be nothing but pride left.

If you are ready to become a boot camp bad ass you are welcome to join us ya know.

We have tonnes of options from 6 month memberships all the way up to 2 years. The price is cheaper the longer you stay with us of course.

Listen, if you want to get started at boot camp, just click the link below to sign up:

You’ll never regret the work out you did, only the one you didn’t. So show us all your multiple personalties and let’s kick our own asses all the way to the scale.

See you soon

Misty “bad-assery is my middle name” Mozejko

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After 7 days on Misty’s Miracle Plan, this is how Nicky feels:

“I have more energy for the first part of the day. I’m less bloated after eating. I’m actually having a good nights sleep for the last few days when before I had interrupted sleeps.”

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