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The Nassinator has 3 personal training spots open

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Ok, so one day a few years ago this little British spitfire walked into the studio and just started yelling at people.

She yelled loudly and well, people started listening.

When she yelled SQUAT, they did a squat. And when she yelled PUSH UP, everyone started doing push ups.

While she is only 5ft tall, she has more spunk and training ability than a 6ft 4 Army General…..

Her workouts are infamous throughout the region and her personal training clients RAVE about her sessions.

In fact, I personally trained with Nassi for a year and with her guidance I reached my goals of a 200lb squat….

She know’s exactly how to progressively push you so you reach new heights with every workout.

I mean, she’s been a personal trainer for over a decade so she come’s highly qualified.

Nassi is a total ass-kicker and guess what….she has 3 spots open for some personal training sessions.

Her background in massage and sports means she can help rehabilitate and repair your body while make you strong and toned.

She’s pretty amazing.

And she want’s YOU as a personal client.

If you are new to the studio, Personal Training is a great way to get back info fitness or start making your body healthy.

If you are currently a member, you can add PT onto your boot camp membership which means you can KEEP boot camp (at a discount) AND see Nassi 2-3 times per week for some one on one sessions.

Your body will change rapidly.

I promise.

So, if you want more information or would like to get started with some Nasty Nassi personal training…just hit reply on this email and we can get you squared away.

Talk soon!

Misty RHN
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