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The new challenge – part 1

In: fitness

It’s Challenge Season!
Many of you know what that means >>>

An exclusive, done for you, 5 week program that promises to change your life.

Each challenge we offer shifts you to the next level.

Whether it’s your fitness level, nutrition or mindset…our challenges are designed with one thing in mind….

…to push you further.

This one is called The Prep Sweat and Conquer Challenge.

In my eyes challenges are there to bust through plateaus, help you shed fat and lose inches.

No problem…you will do this for sure.


My challenges are also there to educate.

I figure I have one voice…so I might as well use it.

In every challenge you will learn something new…something to help add another tool to your nutrition tool belt.

Last time is was juicing…and this time it’s meal prepping.

I always say : If you FAIL TO PLAN, you PLAN TO FAIL.

Meal prepping is a fail safe way of being super prepared for yourself and your family.

Having nutritious, paleo and clean eating meals on hand at all times is the KEY to achieving your healthy body.

But meal prepping is an art, a skill.

It can have many pitfalls.

Which I why I have created this challenge.

To give you the short cuts to fast, effective family or individual meal prepping.

The meal prep menu will take you through 5 weeks of customized meal prepping, grocery lists, tips, tricks and of course specific instruction.

You will lose weight and combined with our unlimited boot camp schedule, you will get strong.

This nutrition and workout challenge has even more secrets to share…but I will leave you to chew over the above for now.

Read tomorrows email to find out what else is in store.

Talk soon


PS: Members, you are free and we encourage you to bring a friend in for this challenge. Be warned: space is limited so act fast when registration opens.

Early bird pricing is $277 plus HST….don’t miss out.

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