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The new challenge – part 3

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Ok here is the final part.

My last teaser email on this incredible new fitness and nutrition challenge coming your way.

So, we have covered the customized 5 week, fat loss meal prepping meal plan.

It’s family friendly, budget conscious and of course, cleaner than clean.

We have also covered the unlimited boot camp schedule, the 15 BONUS training sessions and of course, our Fitness Finale for all challengers.

By now, you should have a pretty good idea about what this 5 week Prep Sweat Conquer Challenge consists of.

So…whats the missing piece?

The “educational, kick ass, teach you everything I know” seminar of course!

I have some AMAZING insider information, tips, tricks, money saving options and of course some cool short cuts.

Listen, the information in the seminar will probably NOT be in the free book you will get with your challenge.

It will NOT be emailed out later on..I have some key app’s that only seminar attendees will hear about.

It is however, really really cool information which will make your meal prep and workouts become better, more effective and provide you double the results.

This seminar is open to everyone and it’s free.

Even if you are NOT joining the challenge…you should still come to this seminar as it will be packed with cool stuff, and information on how to get the most out of food prepping.

We will even have samples, examples and of course food storage ideas from Tuppaware and Glad.


What: Meal Prepping Seminar for the Prep Sweat Conquer Challenge
When: April 27, 2015
Time: 7:45pm
Where: Whitby Fit Body Boot Camp Studio, 1645 Dundas Street E, Whitby.

Register with

Even though this is a no charge event, registration is mandatory.

I hope you can make it…

Register today tho….space is limited.


PS: Must register with and provide all names and email addresses for the friends and family you are bringing.

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