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The office guru is the equivalent to the arm chair quarterback (both have no clue)

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Anyone who has ever worked in an office has experienced the office weight loss guru. Or if you have watched sports with someone who yells at the TV because they always know what the quarterback should have done on that last play are essentially the same person. #Clueless.

They both believe what they are spitting is truth. Yet they have never played football at the highest level or they haven’t done any studying to learn the truth about nutrition.

I have a woman I work with who thinks she knows it all when it comes to healthy eating, yet she brings chocolates and packaged goods with her to work on the regular.

Last week she showed me a recipe for weight loss she created and wanted to share with me to get my feedback.

Since I’ve lost a lot of weight last year at boot camp lots of people ask me how I did it and always want to share with me their ingenious creations.

It’s cool, I love talking about fitness and nutrition, but only the real deal. I’m not interested in these scams of waist trainers, pills and magic drinks.

She wrote up a blurb that says drink this twice a day for a week for ultimate fat loss!

She went on and on of how it was such a good drink and how it can change your life. I read it over and told her straight up I hope you aren’t trying to peddle this to anyone. It was laughable.

Here is what her miracle drink consisted of. Are you ready? It’s pretty ground breaking. I mean this drink could change your life in as little as a week. OK enough teasing. Here is her fat loss “cure”.

Hot water with lemon and parsley.

It’s so sad because she believed it to be a tool for fat loss.

Yes, drinking more water will help with fat loss, but this stupid drink alone won’t help you lose weight in a week.

That’s like saying your computer keeps tigers away because well there aren’t any tigers in your yard. It just isn’t sound nutritional advice anyone should be following.

Now I do have a meal plan that will help you feel better in one week.

It’s called Slim By Sunday and unlike the parsley lemon water lady this plan was created by Misty Mozejko RHN.

She spent $1000’s of dollars on her schooling to bring you the best in whole food nutrition.

Here are a few of the highlights of the program.

· Slim By Sunday is a carb focused plan that cycles your carbs for best fat loss results.

· No overly complicated recipes

· Included is a substitutions list to give you plenty of options.

· Easy on the run solutions for our hectic lives

· A book for all levels. Whether you are just starting out, need some new ideas or have to bust through a stubborn plateau, this book delivers results on all levels.

I want to give you Slim By Sunday: Done For You Flat Belly Plan for only $9. (That’s over 50% off!)

I should be charging much more for all the valuable info, but hey I like you and I don’t want you to have to rely on lemon water and parsley to get ready for beach season.

Go here to grab your copy of Slim By Sunday: Done For You Flat Belly Plan and stop listening to the office weight loss guru.


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