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The Only Way To Know If You’ll Reach Your Goal

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They say that “chaos brings results”.

The harder and faster life seems to spin, the more you get accomplished.

Which means the more you bounce between boot camp, grocery shopping, kids, meal prep, early bed times, family gatherings, back to boot camp and onto some more juicing…the more you are going to get the results you want.

Think about it: if my days are spent bouncing from take out lunches, to beers after work, to late night netflix binges, to red wine on a friday, to Chinese on a Saturday and Menchies on a Sunday…how am I ever going to get the results I long for?

You are simply bouncing from one bad choice to a next like a miserable ball bearing in a pinball machine.

Let’s face it, in both scenarios, life is hectic. But in one, you actually feel really good while you run around keeping all those plate spinning.

So, I am NOT going to wax lyrical today. I am not even going to tell a story. I am just going to remind you that while life can seem like it’s in complete and utter chaos….

…all that really means is that, AS LONG AS YOU PICK THE RIGHT CHOICES, you are still going to get the results you want.

Learn to thrive in the chaos. Learn to understand that while the madness of kids, family, working out, eating healthy (and everything else) often makes it seem like life is completely unravelling before your eyes, your job is just to keep those plates in the air.

Because, after a little while of keeping everything spinning you will lose weight, you will eat better, you will feel stronger.

And look, if your life feels fairly routine, fairly normal and somewhat tame…then it’s time to spice things up.

Time to rattle some cages.

Time to jump into something new and create a whole list of good choices to choose from.

Everyone needs a little chaos in their life which I why I have dug out some old pricing to share with you today.

I mentioned it yesterday and since then, 3 of the 5 spots are taken.

Anyway, if you have the funds and want to save yourself $300 on a membership, click the link below for out 6 month Paid In Full program

Unless you don’t want to get healthier, stronger and even more fabulous than before??

Chaos brings results which ultimately mean that playing is safe WILL NOT.

Talk soon

Misty “pinball champ circa 1989” Mozejko


During your 6 months you will

– Eat the foods that will burn more fat, create tonnes of energy and make that stomach as flat as it was in high school
– Rid the body of toxic waste that is slowing down your metabolism to a snails pace or slower
– Workout consistently with personal trainers who get you, who know your strengths and who will design workouts that will change your body quickly.
– Use a combination of weights, TRX, kettle bells, battling ropes, body weight and plyo boxes to consistently trick the body into burning more fat than your average workout
– Work with your nutritionist to eliminate all residual crap from your diet and wipe the slate clean so she can develop your very own clean eating plan and supplement regime.
– Make a whole new set of fit friends. The type of friends who will cheer you on, not offer you ice cream.
– Become part of the [practically] famous community here at the studio. We like to call ourselves a nutrition and fitness revolution: so join the cause today!
– Use and abuse our unlimited schedule and pick the 30 minute workouts that fit your hectic lifestyle.

Anyway, membership is full of perks, like $1000 worth of challenge entry fees, non-stop support in our private Facebook group, 24 hour access to your nutritionist and simply the most experience dtrainers in the GTA.

And it’s all yours, for $300 cheaper 😉

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