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The real reason i’m such a bytch

In: fitness

I have a dark side too. A side that you guys might not enjoy, a side that I only show a very limited selection of people.

You already know that I am super sarcastic, a little bitchy and that I rule my world with an iron fist.

Haters amuse me. Silly little gossip mongrels provide me email content and Facebook whiners give me so much joy…

…and so, when it comes to my fitness studio, I am merciless with who I allow in. We have built such a positive and encouraging environment here you can rest assured I will eject anyone who dares pollute our waters.

Trust me, it’s not a nice part of my job – but if I have to be strict about who we let it in the doors so I can ensure we keep our spotless reputation for being the most supportive and non-judgemental studio in the GTA, i’ll sack up and do it.

My job is NOT to train you – I have 8 trainers for that. MY job is to protect you and teach you everything you need to know about fitness and nutrition in the safest environment available.

You don’t need some beefy muscle head staring you down as you deadlift.

You don’t need some holier-than-thou, twenty something year old in white spandex booty shorts lecturing you about only eating foods that fell from the tree…

And…You don’t need some clicky little snob-studio that gossips about you behind your back…

Nope, you need a good, solid reliable gym that is open when you need, doesn’t tolerate drama and truly has your best interests at heart.

Now, i’m opening up my doors to a few extra people this month for our 21 day Hour Glass Fast Challenge…and, if you think you would fit into this environment like a duck to water, and you are sick to death of your current fitness solution (i’m talking to all of YOU who waste money at Good Life and Lifetime)…

..then maybe come see what a REAL health focused company looks like and grab a 3 week membership.

This 21 days includes tonnes of shit which is al written out for you here >

So come on an try us out. What do you have to lose?

Misty RHN

10,000 Strong.

1645 Dundas Street E
Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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