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The Sweat Lodge is as grim as it sounds

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3.5 years ago I opened my boot camp.

I opened it with no money, just a vision.

I opened it with no time, just hope.

I opened it with no studio, just a room….

…which I rented…

…and we affectionally called “The Sweat Lodge”.

It was grim. The floors would get so wet with sweat that your hands would slip and slide all over them.

It had NO AC…I brought in industrial sized fans so we can at least pretend we were getting cooler.

There was NO equipment. Nothing. We used our own bodies to torch fat and kill calories.

But I will tell you what there was:

— There was amazing trainers who showed up and gave people the BEST workouts of their life.

— There was a camaraderie between members that held you accountable to your workouts and made you push harder each session.

— There was my vision and my work ethic, neither of which have ever let me down.

So yes, while we had humble beginnings….we still started from greatness.

And….look at us now. We have all the fancy stuff. We have all the bells and whistles. We have made our surroundings pleasing to the eye, cooler to the touch and more welcoming to the outside world…

…but we still have the BEST trainers.

…we still have an unmatchable community spirit…

…and we still have my unstoppable desire for revolution. 

We are unlike ANYTHING else out there. We are a studio with a massive heart and, because we were born from greatness…

….we will take the best care of you. Ever.

I want you to come try us out. I want you to come experience this. I want you to join our revolution. Come try us for 2 weeks:

Be part of something big 🙂

Misty RHN
10,000 Strong.

1645 Dundas Street E
Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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