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The trick to getting motivated – PT 1

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Now look…before we get into this, I am putting an HONEST disclaimer on this 3 part series.

See, my life has been a roller coaster for 2 years.

The separation, the divorce, the move and of course growing 2 businesses has created a lot of stress in my life.

Stress that I frantically looked to solve.

Stress that mounted so high that I was persistently looking for anything to take the edge off.

Binge TV watching….check.



I was desperate to dissolve stress in any way I could.

And so I got caught in a “short term payoff” cycle.

And this is where we start today.

With YOUR short term pay off cycle.

What habits have you slipped into that are giving you short term pleasure?

What bad habits are you currently doing that YOU KNOW are bad for you, but you do them anyway because you know it will make you feel better?

Eating Sugar?

Drinking wine?



Late night eating?

Be honest, what does your bad habit look like?

And honestly, it’s ok to throw it out there, give it a name.

Because that bad habit is something that you actually love.

I know, on first glance, that sounds brutal.

Who want’s to admit that they actually love the feeling that smoking gives them?

Who want’s to admit that the warm fuzzy feeling that drinking provides really helps them relax?

Who want’s to admit to eating icing from the can because the sugar rush feels so good?

NO ONE want’s to admit those things….but it’s true.

The fact is, those bad habits we have feel really good.

That is why we do them so often.

Because for 20-30 minutes, we actually feel amazing and happy.

And the body is smart, the body will want to keep doing the things that make you feel good.

If you can reduce stress, even for just a few hours, your mind and body will want to repeat this over and over and over.

But, the problem is that all these things are short term solutions that are creating long term problem’s.

I’ll explain more tomorrow.

Today, I want you to identify that bad habit and why you love it.

That’s step one.

Till tomorrow

Misty “gotta face facts” Mozejko

PS: Not open yet, but our next 3 week challenge starts in November….you will be on a strict Macronutrient Plan (personalized) and I have a Vitamix up for grabs 🙂

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