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The trick to getting motivated – PT 2

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Ok, so let’s continue yesterdays line of thought.

So, per the email yesterday you should have identified the bad habit and the reasons you love it. The reasons why it makes you feel good and the reasons you keep doing it.

And it’s ok to love the bad habit.

I love red wine. The warmth, the taste, the relaxation. I love when the hard lines of stress become softened and I can unwind.

Feel free to love the effects of sugar, smoking, late night eating. Love it all, because as soon as you recognize your love for your habit, the sooner we can move on.

So, now that we know we love the effects of our bad habits, we can take a look at the pay off of the bad habit.

The pay off’s for bad habits are always SHORT TERM.

ie: you got into a bad habit of skipping boot camp. It’s cosy on the couch and you love the feeling of relaxing in front of the TV after a long day of work.

ie: you got into the bad habit of eating crap after 9 pm. It feels good to grab some snacks and throw the TV on after the kids are in bed. You enjoy the time to yourself and the taste of the food, it’s just a great way to unwind.

ie: you got into the bad habit of drinking on the weekends. It’s so nice to relax with friends and enjoy a few drinks. You can feel your body mellow as you laugh, drink and get silly.

Ok, so in each scenario, look at the pay off. Most of these examples revolve around relaxing and feeling less stressed.

The pay off tho, in every case, only last’s a little while.

Once you stop eating, drinking and laying on the couch the inevitable guilt creeps in.

And this is the point when we realize that we have just screwed up our long term goals entirely.

We let our need for instant gratification over rule our desire for long term goals.

We gave in and we made a choice to “feel better now” rather than “feel better later”.

We acted like children and focussed only on the here and now.

And this is where I leave todays email.

I wrap this up tomorrow, but today all I want you to remember is this:

That bad habit, that “instant gratification” thing you do is ruining your chances to get to the long term goal.

For many readers that is weight loss and muscle growth.

You are letting the short term pay off’s rule your world and then getting mad that you are not getting closer to your goals.

Make sense?

Misty “pt 3 tomorrow” Mozejko

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