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The trick to getting motivated – PT 3

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Last words on this topic.

Now, we have identified our bad habit and the reasons we love it.

We have also identified that it provides us some sort of short term relief.

And yesterday I bluntly told you that the short term relief your bad habit creates is preventing you from getting those long term goals.

And so to instil this idea further I want you to take a minute to picture yourself in 5 years time.

No, not some lean, toned, tanned version.

The version of yourself that continued to drink, smoke, eat shit and not workout.

Think about what you will look like if you continue down the path your are on.

Let’s face it, if you have gained weight over the past little while due to this bad habit, you can pretty much bet that you’ll gain more over the next 5 years.

What do you look like?

Are you disgusted?

Are you mortified?

Did a lightbulb just go on?

If you don’t change the short term pay off habit and focus MORE on the long term pay off…

…whatever mental image you just created is going to come true.

And that, ladies and gents, is the trick to motivation.

Understanding your long term goals, expecting that you WILL reach them and NOT giving in to short term payoffs along the way.

Being motivated is NOTHING to do with today.

Being motivated is EVERYTHING to do with tomorrow.

Understanding that the “5 year you” is the goal.

The 2 year and the 12 month YOU is MORE IMPORTANT than anything else.

And so, every time that addiction or habit arises, you have to stop and ask yourself which “5 year you” you really want.

And then make the call.

To drink or not to drink.

To eat or to eat.

To smoke or not to smoke.

Motivation is created when you look into your future not when you look into your past.


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