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The world laughed at my fat-girl squats

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Just picture it. A 305 morbidly obese woman performing a half-assed squat slap bang in the middle of our city’s most populated park.

Yep, that was me 10 years ago.

I hated working out, I really did. But, I was fat and needed to lose weight so, stubbornly, I showed up 3 times a week.

I slogged through each workout with a grimace on my face. I pretended not to care that I couldn’t keep up and that whole world was laughing at my fat-girl squats.

I put my head down and kept going.

And, what I’d like to tell you now is that I was skinny in no time. I so badly want to tell you that within 6 months, I had transformed into a swan.

But alas, 9 months later I was still fat.

Not one pound had moved. And, as stubborn as I was, this was frustrating.

Looking back, I wasn’t sleeping properly as my son nursed every 2 hours through the night (first kid syndrome made me do it) and truthfully, I wasn’t eating what I should and so for sure, my weight loss took longer…

..but the fact is, I really expected to lose weight a lot faster than it actually happened.

And, I know that many women think that "weight loss" takes just a few weeks.

That everyday, the scale should register a loss and that each week they should be 5 pounds down.

Let me tell you, it took me 9 whole months before I lost my first pound.

And, 2.5 years to lose 120 pounds.

And, because I KNOW that weight loss takes a LOOOONNGGGG time, I decided that 10,000 Strong should only offer nutrition and fitness memberships that are 1 year or 2 years in length. I'm not interested in taking you in for a month, shoving a handful of fake promises down your throat and then kicking you out the door even further away from your goals than when you came in.


I want to be there for the entire journey.

From the first weigh in to the last. From the first squat to the last lunge…myself and my team will be there helping you every step of the way.

Now look, if you are looking for a no-commitment gym who doesn't want to be with you for the long haul, then we are NOT for you. But, if you are beginning to realize that you might want to slow things down, learn the right way to workout and eat and don't mind committing a year or more to transforming your body..

then you should start here with a 2 week test drive:

It's all about the journey folks. The destination is pretty cool too.

Till tomorrow
Misty RHN

1645 Dundas Street E
Whitby ON L1N 1C5

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