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#thedrunkennutritionist strikes again

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I'm spending 3 days in a winery, and not one push up will be done….

Yep, today is travel day. Up before the birds for a 6am flight to San Diego. 

I have managed to secure a rather lovely tuscan studio on a farm that is slap bang in the middle of three wineries.

Now, I’m only gone a few days because this isn’t exactly a “vacation”. No.

I am headed there to meet some of my email-writing cronies belly to belly. We are going to share brain space, ideas and some inside jokes.

Mostly we will share bottles of red wine.

Now, 8 hours on a plane is quite the trek for just a few days in the sun but I will tell you now that there is nothing as important as spending time with like minded people.

You cannot put a price on being with people who GET YOU. Who understand your mission in life, who know your struggles and appreciate your successes.

And all too often we find that when it comes to working out and nutrition our friends and family just don't get it. Maybe they are not interested in it, maybe they are overwhelmed by it…

…maybe they just have a totally different outlook on health and you’ll never see eye to eye.

And, when you are stuck in this rut, with these people that don’t appreciate or understand what you are trying to accomplish, it will slow down and maybe halt your progress in it’s tracks.

At 10,000 Strong we get that it takes an entire community to keep you on track. Which is why we have nutritionists, personal trainers, Ambassadors, weight loss transformation winners and over 100 people who have a fitness mindset.

This tribe of people will get you. They will inspire you. They will ensure your reach your strength or weight loss goals.

So yeh, you might have to pay a little more to join such a positive motivation train, but god dam will it  be worth it.

You can come try is out today on our 2 week pass. During those 14 days you’ll see exactly what I mean and you’ll experience what it feels like to have an entire community of people behind you, rooting for your fitness success

Talk at ya tomorrow.

Misty RHN

10,000 Strong

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